Irvine Park and Zoo

Postcard from Irvine Park zoo, 1916
Postcard from Irvine Park zoo, 1916

Irvine Park and Zoo is a 318-acre park located near downtown Chippewa Falls. The original park was donated to the city of Chippewa Falls by William Irvine in 1906 in an effort to preserve the Chippewa Valley Environment. The park contains a zoo, a band shell, a century-old pavilion, Irvine Park Museum, Sunny Valley Schoolhouse, and many picnic tables, playgrounds, and rest areas.

Our Stories

"The Chippewa Valley always makes my spring one to remember, because every spring my mom, dad, brother, and I all take a warm sunny day and go to the Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. When we go we love to see the silly little monkeys; they are our absolute favorite part of the whole zoo. When one of the monkeys ran away from the zoo, it was the drama at my house. We were so happy when we found out that he was returned safely."

"We also like to see the birds. In fact, one time we had to chase one escape bird back into its cage! That was probably our most eventful trip to the zoo! We always walk around the whole zoo, and always make sure to see the buffaloes and feed the ducks. It’s always so much fun! And after the fun afternoon at the zoo, we continue our day in the Chippewa Valley; we go right up the road to Olson’s Ice Cream! When we go there we get big cones because of the hot day. My favorite is the Cookies and Cream, but I always make sure to steal a lick of everyone else’s ice cream! All of this started one day when we wanted to go to the zoo and has been a tradition ever since. I love the zoo, Olson’s Ice Cream, and living in the Chippewa Valley" - Skyler, Altoona Middle School, 2010