El Dia De la Virgen

Our Stories

My name is Angel .... and I want to tell you about my life I live in Eau Claire, WI. Was born in 1998, in Milwaukee WI. I’m a first generation American. My mother continues the traditions that she was celebrated in Mexico. My favorite is December 12 when we celebrate El dia de la Virgen.

My family celebrates something very special. We celebrate El Dia de la Virgen. El Dia de la Virgen began in 1531. El Dia de la Virgen is celebrated on December 12. During the celebration, my family and I bring some Rosas to the Virgen. Rosas are pink flowers that my mom brings to la Virge. We bring Rosas to La Virgen because that brings joy to La Virgen. My mom knows that Rosas are the Virgen’s favorite color and flowers.

On El Dia de la Virgen, at 12:00pm we can ask la Virgen a wish. You only ask la Virgen de Guadalupe only one wish and that’s all that you get. We eat tamales, burritos, mole, and you get other good foods. After we eat, we pray to La Virgen de Guadalupe for all that we have in our life, good life, and all of the things that we are proud of.

What La Virgen de Guadalupe stands for: “River of Love” and in Spanish: ”El Rio de Amor”. During El dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe we always keep the same statue of la Virgen de Guadalupe to represent the kindness and respect that we have for her. I think it’s great that we have la Virgen de Guadalupe as our Queen of Mexico because she protects us whenever we need help. The tradition keeps us celebrating to holidays; my family has had it in Mexico for many generations. - Angel, South Middle School, 2010