ChippePedia Policies

ChippePedia is intended to be encyclopedic, following the model of Wikipedia.

Content should always be:

  • Neutral in tone and unbiased. ChippePedia is best when it is a source of facts and a place to share personal stories (but not gossip). A disciplined writer can do much to avoid bias, even when relating controversy. See Conflicts of Interest for guidelines regarding the most common threats to neutrality.
  • On topic. The subject of the ChippePedia is the Chippewa Valley. The relevance of the topic should be clear. For discussion, see What to Write About.
  • Compatible with ChippePedia's copyright policy. Do not steal copyrighted work. Give credit to all sources. And do not protest when your contributions are amended, deleted, superceded or otherwise appropriated under the terms of the applicable licenses.

Users should always be:

  • Civil to each other, and,
  • Helpful to the goals and philosophy of the project.

If you have questions about this policy, contact the ChippePedia administrator at support at chippepedia.org

The policy for ChippePedia was adapted from a policy found on Bhamwiki.com.