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Carson Park is not just a park to me, it is a place full of fond memories. Allow me to share some of these memories with you. My first memory is of that rickety old miniature train ride. It just goes into the woods and then circled back but the scenery looked like it had been painted. My family has been going there for as long as I can remember. We would always ride the Packer color train because we were die hard Packer fans. I remember one year when we went there for the Halloween ride and this one lady dressed as witch walked behind the car and every time we saw her my grandmother would say “the train door is going to open soon” and sure enough it would come flying open soon after we saw her. But that old train ride is not my only memory at Carson Park.


The other memory I have at Carson Park is of the old Paul Bunyan Museum. My family went there every year on the fourth of July but we never stayed for the fireworks. We always toured the buildings. My all time favorite was of the blacksmith shop because it had such a cool variety of old tools, each tool with a unique name and function. The most boring building in my option was the mess hall it looked like any other kitchen except all of the utensils were glued down. Then after the buildings we always got ice cream from the antique parlor in the museum. Those are my fondest memories and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do." - Zach, Altoona Middle School, 2010