Backyard Campfires

Stars at night by Maria
Stars at night by Maria

Our Stories My family enjoys having campfires in the warm summer air together. Every night in the summer, we have a campfire in our backyard! I love the feeling I get when I’m sitting next to a blazing hot fire, with the cool air blowing on me! We usually have our friends, Adam, Dana, Conni and Colbi come over. My mom and I will make an enormous meal for us to have around the fire. While we eat, we share with each other how our day was and any unexpected news. After we eat, we clean up. When we are done cleaning up, I play either basketball or baseball with my brother in the backyard. Also we play with my dog, Bailey. We run around chasing her. My brother and I play for a while and when we get tired we lie on our trampoline looking up at the stars. The stars are such a beautiful thing! My brother and I talk about things and have a good time spending time together. As we lay there star gazing I think of how magnificent my life is and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I absolutely love backyard campfires. - Maria, Altoona Middle School, 2010

Last night, my family had a fire to burn some brush. We live in the country, so we can have bonfires in our field. We burned our Christmas trees, the Christmas wreath, and lots of old branches that appeared after our first spring melt. Because we had so much rain and then snow a few days ago, it took a long time to get started. My nieces ran up the hill to the house to get dry newspaper, and paper sacks to help. It was calming to watch the fire. I got a few moments to stare at it, in between teaching my three-year-old that fire can burn her and keeping the dog away from all of us. I love watching fires, but I don't like smelling like the fire when I come in the house. This time I covered my hair and my daughter's hair with tight hats, so only our hats smelled when we came in, not our hair! - Melissa, Colfax, 2011

We had the Bachs over. The fire didn't start, at all. Then the tree lit up — on fire. And we had pie and that's about it. I stayed up until ten o'clock. - Katrina, age 7, Colfax, 2011